Ana Berkenhoff (D/UK)

cormorant 7: 33  (with Ethan Folk, CA)

Shot in the city of London, looking for the interaction between documentary setting/backdrop and artistic approach. A conversation between imagination and reality. Inspired by Wim Wenders Wings of desire it works on the thoughts of pleasure and disturbance confronted with the everyday life of the city and unfolds a stream of consciousness in an eternal motion between forward and backward looking -in camera movement, sound direction and flow of thoughts.

Short Synopsis
cormorant is a movement and perspective study that questions the life of human beings in their financial centres. Like a cormorant a voice from our dreams is landing in town and tries to make out what the environment is about. The body is placed like an unusual object in everyday places. The dance is the city life that dwells around us.

Ana Berkenhoff is a German soundartist and theatremaker writing, directing and performing for theatre, radio and concerts. Studying applied theatre science in Gießen/D with an emphasis on sonic studies and tutored by Heiner Goebbels and Felix Kubin she started experimenting with radiodrama and scenic concerts with contemporary musicians at musikfabrik Köln and EnsembleModern at ZKM. She received the Francis Chagrin Award for sound & music this year. Recent is a soloshow at
Roskilde Festival, a touring show (Berlin, Zürich..) using instruments for advanced storytelling in theatre, her new album at Ono-records Manchester and an interactive sonic concert involving voice, movement and sensors touring the UK. Her work was on Radio BBC, Deutschland Radio, Radio Waveform New York.

Ethan Folk is a Seattle-based artist, filmmaker and fisherman. He exhibited in Canada, Italy, Spain and wider Europe and is widely engaged in several artist collectives. His latest work Vernae is an experimental dance filmed based on Rite of Spring, Igor Stravinsky’s masterpiece of
1913 and reached much attention due to its unconventional approach to dance, landscape and ritual.